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 Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I really need a makeup artist/hair stylist?  Can I even afford one?
No doubt about it, weddings are expensive. You've probably already made a significant investment in your photography, but I can assure you, the one way to ensure that you hate every single one of those expensive photographs is to hate the way you look in them. Hiring a seasoned makeup artist is a worthwhile investment in your photography. Having your makeup done by a professional will ensure that your photographs will look best and timeless.  Even if you do your own makeup daily, makeup for photography is different and the products used are different.  Remember, these photos will last you a lifetime.  Additionally, on-site hair and makeup services will play a huge role in allowing you to relax and enjoy being pampered on your special day stress-free. 


What are your rates? 
In order to provide you with the most accurate rate for your hair and makeup needs, the number of artists required for your event, and any travel fees, please fill out our bridal survey for a custom quote. 


What do I need to do to book you? 
A signed electronic contract and 50% retainer (which can also be paid electronically via credit card) will reserve your date. The remaining 50% is due in one payment 30 days prior to the wedding day. 

Anxious to get an artist secured, but need a little more time to get your headcount together for a contract? We are pleased to offer you an option of putting down a $500 non-refundable retainer to secure your artist for 30-60 days (depending on how far out your wedding date is) while you finalize your wedding day details for the contract. The $500 will go towards your 50% retainer once the contract is finalized at the end of the 30 or 60 days.


Can I have a trial run BEFORE booking?
Absolutly, but please understand the date will not be reserved until a contract and retainer are in place. We do not hold dates pending trial runs.  Trial runs consist of going over your wedding details, discussing any pertinent beauty and grooming considerations prior to the wedding, and finally going over the hair and makeup inspiration looks you have in mind for yourself. We will make recommendations as needed, and once we have an agreed upon game plan, we will execute the hair and makeup looks on you, and will go back and make adjustments as necessary based on your feedback. We then take photographs and notes so we can replicate the look again on your wedding day. This appointment is limited to 2.5 hours and costs $175. 


How far in advance should clients book your services?
The sooner the better! 3-8 months in advance is typical, but a year or more isn't out of the question. If you're wanting to book last minute, go ahead and contact us! You never know, we could still be available!


Do you have a studio? Do you come to me? 
Yes and yes! We typically do consultations, trial runs, bridal / engagement portrait hair & makeup and all other "pre-wedding" appointments in our studio located in Franklin, TN.  However we are also available to come on site to you for those appointments for an additional travel fee. On wedding days travel on site to your location is included when you book 4 additional services along with the brides hair and makeup (within the metropolitan area).  If you're out of the metropolitan area, we can still come on site to your location for an additional fee. Please request a quote for more details.


What is your cancellation policy?
There are no refunds given due to a cancellation after the contract and deposit are in place. We require payment in advance for any hair/makeup appointments that are booked outside of a wedding contract.


I have a multi-day event, do you offer me any discounts? 
Please request a quote and give us some details in the comments so we can give you a customized quote.


Can you cover a tattoo? 

Yes we can! We have been trained by experts in this field, and use waterproof, transfer resistant makeup. Price for tattoo cover is approximately $25/square inch. Please measure your tattoo and send a picture of the tattoo to and we will give you a customized quote.


Can you stay on site for touch-ups? Can you come back and change my makeup or hair into a different style for the reception?
We are happy to accommodate these special requests, and our hourly rate will take affect for these types of situations or you may chose to select our Deluxe Package Upgrade option, which includes 3 extra hours of touch ups as well as a full size touch up kit. Please request a quote and let us know more about your needs!


Do you charge extra for early morning events?
We'll get up early for you! Any wedding services with a start time earlier than 7am will be assessed a fee of $75/hour/artist for each hour before 7am. In some cases accommodations for the artists may be requested for the night prior to the event.


Is gratuity included automatically?
Gratuities are left to the discretion of our clients and are not reflected in our pricing. However they are always greatly appreciated if you feel you have received excellent service. If you would like to include a gratuity in your final payment, please let us know they amount and we will be happy to add it for you.


What kind of makeup do you use?
The BEST kinds. Premium, professional products. Most of the brand names in my kit are not ones you will recognize as they are considered professional, not consumer, brands. Therefore you won't find them in department stores. These brands offer the most beautiful finish, the best longevity and the highest performance.  If you're interested in purchasing the makeup used on you for your own personal use, I'm happy to offer you the professional makeup I use in my kit for purchase. Please contact me for more information!


Do you provide any specialty services? (airbrushing, extensions, false eyelashes, etc)
I do provide airbrush makeup, however I have found it is not always the best choice for every skin type and texture! At your trial run we will discuss what the best choice is for you.  I do not provide hair extensions, however I am happy to provide recommendations for you as well as clip them in on the day of your service.  I love false eyelashes and recommend them for everybody! The price for lashes is already included in my rates. If you have questions about other specialty services, just ask! If I don't provide the service chances are I can recommend someone who does.


Do you give lessons?
Absolutely! Please click here for more information.  


Do you only do weddings?
Absolutely not! We are available for commercial photo/video shoots,editorial work, runway,  films and any other makeup and hair need you can think of! 

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