Rustic-Organic Farm Wedding- January 2016

When the ladies at Firefly Events contacted me about their shoot at Trinity View Farm, I jumped at the chance! The real life bride and groom were a delight to work with, and the setting was absolutly devine.  Located in Franklin, TN (just minutes from my studio), it has stunning views of the rolling hills below. The decor and florals were perfectly cultivated to feel natural and organic, with a color palette insipred by olives and roses. Julie Paisley's photography perfectly captured the beaty of the afternoon. 

The brides makeup was kept fresh, and dewy, with an emphisis on her gorgouse eyes.  The lip color took its inspriation from the florals and a desire to bring in just a pop of crimisons.  The hair was done in a loose unstructured, braid that cascaded delicatly down the brides back.  Pair with a olive leaf halo, it was a perfect organic neutral compostion! 

Autumn Al Fresco Inspiration Shoot- October 2014

I was super excited to be apart of this shoot with 10 photographers from the Haystack Film Gathering.  Avalon Legacy Ranch in McKinney, TX was the perfect backdrop! The property had a variety of scenery including lush greenery, a wooden barn and a calm lake. Hair was kept unstructured, with tousled, textured waves swept into effortless twists and braids that perfectly compliment their ivy halos. The makeup was autumnal and romatic with just a touch of drama!