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Workshops and Lessons

If you haven't updated your makeup routine in the last few years or you've ever wondered how to perfectly execute the latest makeup trend, look no further! Over the years our skin changes, makeup trends change and even our tastes change.  It can be hard to stay up to date, but our makeup artists are here to help.  We can show you how to update your look, share new trends and techniques you might not be aware of and answer any questions you might have- all while you relax and have a great time! Email us to today schedule your workshop.

Private Shopping
Complimentary 1 hour

If you need help choosing a blush color, guidance when it comes to the correct foundation color, or aren't sure what lip color looks best with your complexion, email us to schedule a private shopping experience!  Not only will we help you chose the right product, we will ensure that you are applying it correctly with the appropriate tools and that you feel confident with your choice!


Video Conference Makeover Lesson
$75 per hour

As we navigate the new world of online school and meeting via video conference, we are excited to offer Virtual School Makeover lessons.  These lessons will cover the usual topics covered in our traditional Makeup Bag Makeovers, as well as topics like How to Chose Flattering Lighting for Your Video Conference, Makeup Techniques for Video chat, and creating the perfect "I woke up like this" look.  Pricing starts at $50 per hour; sibling packages available.   
Contact us for a custom quote. 

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