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Lauren and Joe's Florida Key's Wedding

Over the summer I had the honor of not only traveling to the Florida Key's for one of my dearest friends weddings, but also doing her hair and makeup for the big event. The wedding was located on Duck Key at the Hawks Cay resort in April 2022. Since she lives in Texas, and I am in Tennessee, a lot of the decisions were made virtually. Due to Covid restrictions, and limited travel, she sent me pictures of the dress, and we spent a lot of time planning her hair and makeup without seeing each other in person. She mostly left the inspiration up to me, but with the caveat we included her love a red lip.

Because her wedding was outside, at sunset, in the middle of the Florida heat, it was important that her makeup was durable, sweat proof, and suitable for intense sunset lighting. A combination of traditional makeup and air brush was used to achieve the desired look. We used a neutral palette on her eyes, with just a hint of champagne shimmer. Her lip color was a custom coral blend, with a gloss for after the ceremony.

For Lauren's hair, we knew we wanted something that would highlight the deep V back of her dress. We also wanted something that would keep her cool in the sun. A set of extensions were used to create the long boho braid and a hair vine was incorporated to finish the look. The veil was removed after the ceremony to reveal the full hairstyle.

A big thanks to Alizee Pechmajou for capturing the best bridesmaid pictures I have ever seen.


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