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Makeup Workshop for Teens and Tweens

Whether your teen is wanting to learn the latest trends, or just getting their feet wet when it comes to makeup, we can customize this workshop for you. For younger tweens, a course focused on skincare and hygiene may be more appropriate. Often times, they feel more comfortable asking questions from a professional outside of a school setting. For older teens who already have an interest in makeup, this is a perfect opportunity to address issues like acne and age appropriate makeup.

The first hour of the workshop includes instruction and demonstration of the technique or topic you chose. Often, the guest of honor (in the case of birthday parties) will serve as "the model". The model will have their makeup done as part of the demonstration, and the rest of the guests are able to take notes, pictures and ask questions as needed. The second half is devoted to answering individual questions and working with your teen and their guests on their specific areas of concern. This is an opportunity for one on one time with each participant. In the case of larger parties, extra time may be needed.

This workshop is designed for 4-8 participants and costs $35 per person. For larger parties, please contact us to create the perfect package for you. As with all of our workshops, we are available to answer any future questions regarding the topics covered. Any products purchased at our workshops come with a 30 day guarantee and include a follow up consultation to ensure they understand how to use the products with the appropriate technique.

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