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Introducing Makeup Lessons for Beauty Reps!

One trend I am seeing lately is the number of women who run their own business through direct sales. I think this is an awesome way to empower women, give them an extra income boost and foster their enthusiasm for makeup! Unfortunately, many of these women don't have the training they need to get the most of their business. It may be because they aren't near other reps on their team who can support them, or because their team just isn't focused on training. Additionally, I am routinely coming across women who purchase these products to support their friends but then end up with either the wrong products for themselves because their rep doesn't properly know how to recommend products or they end up with products that they don't know how to use. Because of this, I have decided to offer Makeup Lessons for Beauty Reps!

These lessons can be used however the individual rep feels it will best support their business. Maybe they need private instruction on applying makeup so they can feel more confident putting themselves out there. Or maybe they want to host a gathering of friends and family and bring in an artist to demonstrate the line. They can even use the time a a coaching opportunity with their team.

I love empowering women and I am so excited to be offering this service through Elizabeth Warner Artistry. My hope is that my experience with direct sales and the professional makeup world will help beauty reps to elevate their business and grow in the makeup world. For more information, visit our services page or contact us today!

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