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Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

Last weekend, I hosted a Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag event in my studio in Franklin, TN. Participants were asked to come wearing their every day makeup and bring their makeup bag with them. We spent time talking about the products they had, how they used them, what they liked and disliked, and what the wish they could do better. Then we took their makeup off, and I reapplied it how I would do it, using a mixture of their products and mine. If there was something they'd recently purchased or felt really strongly about, we tried to make it work or just improve the way we applied it. I found that most people had a large quantity of eyeshadows, but a lot of colors they weren't sure what to do with. I demoed a day and night look on everyone (while they held a mirror to watch what I was doing), and showed them how to transition the look depending on the days activities. I hope you enjoy the transformations below!

First up is Amanda. Amanda is a med student and spends most of her day in scrubs and her white coat. She needed easy makeup for a daily wear, but wanted to know how to really step up her beauty game for weekends. She had recently purchased a large eyeshadow palette, so we worked with the colors she had, and I taught her where to place them and how to blend properly. We also foundation matched her, and I taught her how to apply it (with some new brushes) for a natural flawless look. Last up were her brows. She already had a brow powder, but we spent some time going over how to naturally fill in and enhance your brows. I think she looks flawless!

Featured Products: Limelight Waterproof Concealer in #0, Botanical Foundation in Ivory, Perfect Blush in #4, Lipliner #01, Enduring Lip Color in Macaroon, and Peace Jeweled Lipgloss.

Second, we have Karen. Karen is an active mom of two grown boys. We discussed how she can incorporate her tinted sunscreen and pressed powder into her look when she on the gold course or running errand and determined which products in her bag were "active makeup", "every day makeup" and "fancy makeup". We've also discussed eyeshadow in the past, and I was super excited when she opened up her makeup bag and pulled out all my favorite colors. For Karen, I showed her how to apply eyeshadow for her eye shape, how to apply her blush to highlight her cheek bones, and as always, I discussed the best way to fill in her brows. Beautiful! Featured Products: Limelight Waterproof Concealer in #2, Botanical Foundation in Gena Beige, Perfect Mascara, Lipliner #01, Enduring Lip Color in Creme Brûlée.

Last up is Dawn. Dawn and I have been talking about getting together since Thanksgiving, and we finally made it happen! Dawn is a super busy career woman, but she makes sure so leave time for fun with friends. We spent a lot of time discussing skin care and skin prep and then went into creating customized day time and night time looks. Dawn also has a pool and therefor quite the tan, so we had to think about winter to summer looks as well. Like the others before her, she had a good amount of eyeshadows that we were able to work with and, because they are my favorite feature, I showed her my brow technique!

Featured Products: Limelight Waterproof Concealer in #2, Botanical Foundation in Olive 4, Perfect Blush in #1, Lipliner #01, Enduring Lip Color in Macaroon, and Peace Jeweled Lipgloss.

That about sums up the event. We had a great turn out, and I had a lot of fun. I had so much fun, I've decided to to these events once a month! The next event is May 14th, so contact me today to reserve your spot!

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