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Cara's Winter Bridal Portraits

I flew to Dallas a few weeks ago to attend my best friend's Bridal Shower. Since I was going to be in town anyway, it seemed like a perfect time to shoot her bridal portraits. What we didn't know, is that Mother Nature was planning a freak snow storm. Did I mention we were in Dallas? Where it hardly ever snows? Since I was only in town for that one weekend, and her photographer was up for the challenge, we decided to go ahead with the portraits.

Cara throwing snow balls in her wedding dress.

Since it was a wet fluffy snow, we knew we wanted to put her hair up. The last thing we wanted were droopy wet curls. You always need to be thinking about the weather on the day of your wedding/portraits and sometimes you need to make concessions to ensure your style lasts through they day. Lucky for us, Cara was totally fine with wearing her hair up. We made a quick last minute jaunt to get a jeweled comb, and then we were good to go. I prepped her hair with a setting spray and thermal protectant, and then used a 1 inch curling iron to curl her hair. I pinned the curls and allowed them to cool to give us the most staying power and volume. Afterwards, I styled chin length hair in a tousled, curly up-do. Cara is a fun person with a spunky personality, so we didn't want anything to formal or severe.

For Cara's makeup, we wanted something more dramatic than her usual makeup- which for Cara was pretty much any makeup. We gave her a sultry taupe smokey eye, and a beautiful berry lip. We also added false lashes for a fluttery effect. To make her makeup last through the snow storm, we used a combination of products including airbrush, setting spray, and waterproofing serums. I just love how fresh and bright her complexion is!

After we finished hair and makeup, we swung by her mom's house, picked up her mom and the dress and headed out to the Farmers Branch Historical Park and her photographer, Rachel Ledbetter met us there. Cara quickly changed out of her snow boots and into her wedding shoes and we got down to business. It was cold, it was wet, it was windy, but it was so beautiful. Definitely worth it!

Photo Credit: Rachel Ledbetter

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